Wellcome Image Awards 2017

The Wellcome Image Awards are a celebration of science, medicine, and life through remarkable imaging. Using different techniques, such as confocal microscopy, diffusion tensor tractography, electron microscopy, illustration, tomography, photomacrography, among others, scientists, clinicians, photographers, and artists bring science to life and to the public.

This year’s Wellcome Image Awards, already in their 20th year, were presented on the 15th March 2017 and judged by several experts from medical science and science communication. Check out this year’s winning images here.

STATE Festival

Following my contribution to Imagine Science Films’ social media, I found out about STATE Festival in Berlin and I was given the opportunity to be the social media manager of this year’s festival. And this time, since the festival is in Germany where I currently live, I could attend the Festival in real-time and write about it.

Design by Montebelo and Grafikladen

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Street Anatomy: Anatomy, Art, Design & Pop Culture

Street Anatomy is a beautiful blog at the intersection of medical illustration and contemporary art founded in 2007 by Vanessa Ruiz. While pursuing a master’s degree in Biomedical Visualization at the University of Illinois, Chicago, Vanessa realized that the public, in general, did not know much about this profession. Therefore, she created Street Anatomy hoping to take medical illustration into the public sphere by showcasing how anatomy is visualized in art, design, and pop culture.

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