Sloan Science and Film + Museum of Moving Image

Sloan Science and Film is a website devoted to exploring the intersection of science and film, to enhance the public understanding of science and technology. It features original articles exploring the cinematic depictions of scientific ideas and the portrayal of scientists in film and television, exclusive interviews with filmmakers and scientists and award-winning science-themed short films that have been supported by grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

For instance, learn here about five films where Albert Einstein was portrayed or read about Brett Morgen’s new documentary, JANE. Have fun and explore the incredible world of films and science!

Photography by Hugo Van Lawick/National Geographic Creative

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Imagine Science Films & Labocine

This summer I had the privilege of working with an amazing organization called Imagine Science Films, whose mission it to bridge the gap between art and science through films, thereby transforming the way science is communicated to the public and encouraging collaboration across disciplines.

They organize three film festivals around the globe, one in Abu Dhabi, usually in February; one in Paris in spring and another in New York, starting today! This one will be the biggest to date with more than 83 films being shown, all orbiting around the theme of LIGHT (stories of photons and photography, optics and the occipital lobe, solar energy and solar flares, shadows and hallucinations and color perception). Besides films, they will also have science-art exhibits, performances and much more.

Design by artist Isam Prado

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