When I was in school, my favorite subjects were Science, Arts, Languages, and History. My least favorite: Sport. I was the typical nerd that is often portrayed in movies – thick glasses, braces with rubber bands, dorky behavior, reading a lot, and it was ok. I really like to study and learn new things. But at the age of 14, I had to make a decision. Our school system was constructed in a way that 3 years before college, we would already have to make a decision about our future. I had to face the question: What do I want to be when I grow up? 4 study fields existed (besides the professional ones): science and technology, Visual arts, Social-economics and Languages & humanities and we could only choose one. So, my favorite subjects were now spread into different fields and I could not decide.

Why couldn’t we just decide what subjects we want? At least partially? Why could I now not mix arts, science, and society anymore?

At the end I chose science.  But later I found that many people think like me.

This is a blog to share my love for all these subjects and to show how art and science have long existed and developed collaboratively.