Sketchnotes at the House of Science in Bremen – IV and V

Another session at “Wissen um 11” at the House of Science in Bremen, this time the engineer Sven Stappert from German Aerospace Center (DLR) spoke about the reusability of space launchers by the company SpaceX. SpaceX was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of launching missions to the Moon or Mars. Seeking to reduce the cost of space travel to allow the masses to access space, Space X uses the concept of vertical landing to allow their rockets to go back to land (or ship) and to be re-used for a later mission. Recycling has therefore reached the sky! And yes, this is rocket science!

The last session I went to was around a completely different mean of transport: trains! When we think about sustainable electric mobility everyone thinks about electric cars, but these are still in need of a larger charging infrastructure that it is not yet here. Maria Leene from SCI Verkehr came from Hamburg to Bremen (by train!) to talk about how trains already are electric-mobility. What they need is them to enter faster in the digital era and get modernized! For that, the SCI Verkehr and the Deutsche Bahn need young specialists with know-how to work with them and make trains more attractive to everyone. Be part of the e-mobility revolution!


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