Food and Drinks Infographics: A Visual Guide to Culinary Pleasures 

It was Apicius, a Roman gourmet of the 1st Century, who allegedly coined the phrase “We eat first with our eyes” (Delwiche, 2012). Although you probably won’t start to salivate just by looking at these beautiful-made infographics, it is definitely a feast to the eyes. Enjoy the delicious visual exploration of foods and drinks, as well as practical tips and techniques that are indispensable in the kitchen and for throwing the best stress-free parties.

Image from the Book “Food and Drinks Infographics: A Visual Guide to Culinary Pleasures” by Simone Klabin and Julius Wiedemann @Taschen

Do you own several knives and always use the same one which, at some point, starts to be useless? Do you love sushi but you get really confused about what is what? And do you really wish somebody would have told you that your wedding cake was way too big for the number of people and that you would have to eat it for the next 3 days for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Then this book is also for you!

Left Page: Project – Millys Store, September 2009, United Kingdom; Design – Wilson Cooke and Right Page: Project -Illustrated Bites, blog, 2013, United States; Design – Heather Hardison
Left and Right Pages: Project – Viva magazine, Clarín, 1999, Argentina; Data Source – Katsuji Yamamoto, Roger W. Hicks
Left and Right Pages: Project – Personal Work, January 2018, United States; Design – Nigel Holmes

The book Food & Drink Infographics. A Visual Guide to Culinary Pleasures is the first Taschen book by author Simone Klabin and one of the many edited Taschen books by editor Julius Wiedemann (known for the acclaimed series Illustration Now! and the compendium 100 Illustrators). It comes in two Multilingual Editions: English, French, German AND English, Italian, Spanish. This volume of 464 delightful pages is already available on the Taschen website and on Stay tuned (or tuna? hmmm) for more books from this author.

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